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An evening of tales and legends

Being Wolastoqey

An evening of tales and legends

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Come and discover Wolastoqey culture, where oral tradition will take you through Wolastokuk and explore the Wolastoqiyik way of life. The legends of Wolastoqey oral tradition are stories that describe hundreds, even thousands of years of history. They reflect the bond between Wolastoqiyik and their territory.

Come and take part in this activity, which takes place in the Passereaux sector of Kiskotuk Coastal Park, in the Sqotek pavilion, which means "place of fire" in Wolastoqey Latuwewakon. Designed by a Wolastoqey architect with respect for the environment, this infrastructure features a fireplace at its center. . It features sculptures by a local artist, linked to the various legends told. Enhanced by an infusion during the break, this experience will enable you to learn more about this Nation and its uniquely rich and instructive stories.

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Visitor Information

*Recommended age: 12 and over
**Online booking required

Offered in summer (add 2024 dates)
Thursday to Sunday

Time: 7:00 p.m.
Duration: Approx. 1h45

The Sqotek pavilion, where the storytelling and legends activity “être wolastoqey” takes place, is 150 metres from the reception pavilion in the Passereaux sector of Kiskotuk Coastal Park. The coastal park offers cottage and primitive camping accommodations. The reception pavilion offers common areas, washrooms, showers and a small gift store.

To attend the storytelling evenings, go to the reception pavilion in the Passereaux sector of Kiskotuk Coastal Park. From the Matuweskewin boutique at 1001, rue du Patrimoine in Cacouna, head east for 3.5 km on Route 132 to the sign for the Passereaux sector of Kiskotuk Coastal Park. Take the Chemin de la Rivière des Vases on the north side of Route 132. After 3.1 km, the reception pavilion is on your right, with parking on your left.

To know

To ensure the smooth running of the Tales and Legends activity, dogs are not allowed inside the Sqotek fire pit. However, dogs on leashes are permitted on the trails of Kiskotuk Coastal Park.
It is the owner’s responsibility to pick up after his or her dog and dispose of the bag in a garbage can.

An evening of tales and legends is an activity for the whole family. However, the activity is less recommended for young children, as it requires listening and attention for nearly two hours. We recommend it for children aged 12 and over.

The path to the fire pit is an unpaved nature trail in the forest. It is, however, passable in an all-terrain stroller. Please note that this activity is not recommended for young children, as it can take a long time to complete. You’ll have to sit still for almost 2 hours to listen to the evening legends.

The trail leading to the covered fire pit for the evening of tales and legends is laid out naturally in the forest and is not asphalted. The site is therefore not wheelchair accessible.

It is not possible to refund or modify a ticket, unless the activity is cancelled. In this case, you will have the option of changing the date of your reservation or receiving a refund.

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