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Pow-Wow Cacouna

Come and discover Wolastoqey culture!

Come and discover Wolastoqey culture!

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The Pow Wow is the Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation's most important annual cultural event.

The Pow Wow is a gathering of songs and drums, traditional dances, traditional clothing, Aboriginal artisans, demonstrations of various skills and Aboriginal foods. It celebrates cultural heritage, while serving as a platform for intercultural exchange with visitors and non-native participants. This major cultural event is celebrated every year. It allows us to perpetuate our traditions and culture, and proudly reaffirm our Wolastoqey identity.

It takes place on the Pointe de Cacouna site, a historic gathering place for the Wolastoqiyik people, named Ktopeqonok, meaning "where there's a water source". This site is part of the Wahsipekuk community's "reserve" lands.

Edition 2024, August 17 and 18 from 12pm to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday.

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Visitor Information

Free activity, open to all!
Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 to 17:00

Food services and refreshments available on site. On-site toilets. Indigenous artist/craftsperson sales and information booths. On-site parking information.

The Pow-Wow takes place on the Pointe de Cacouna “Ktopeqonok” site, right next to the Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation administrative office at 217, rue de la Grève in Cacouna. Follow the sound of the drums!

Animals, drugs and alcohol are prohibited on the Pow Wow site.


Discounts will be offered for the purchase of more than one activity, at a rate of 5% for two activities, 10% for three activities and so on. Do not discount the electric shuttle.

Advice for people with reduced mobility

We advise you to take the route du Port to get to the site in your adapted vehicle, as the shuttle is not configured to accommodate wheelchairs.

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