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Wahsipekuk tourism: a new identity to implement our mission !

Wahsipekuk Tourism was created by the Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation to:


• Promote the attractions and events of the WWFN on its territory;
• Showcase the culture and territory of the WWFN in a tourism context;
• Recognize and protect our identity (territory, language, culture), while respecting our values.


The W represents the name of the Wahsipekuk community, which refers to the St. Lawrence River in the Wolastoqey Latuwewakon language. It also evokes the name of the “Wolastoqiyik” Nation, people of the beautiful and bountiful river.

The five diamonds in a balanced arrangement embody the four cardinal points (north, south, east and west) as well as the center, symbolizing unity, balance and connection between the community and the natural elements that surround it.

The wave symbolizes the dynamic force of water and the Wolastoq “beautiful and bountiful river” that has shaped Wolastoqiyik history, culture and traditions since time immemorial. Its fluid, continuous movement represents the constant flow of life and the inseparable link between the Nation and Wolastokuk, the ancestral territory.

The fiddlehead is a symbol deeply rooted in Wolastoqiyik tradition. It represents botany, growth and connection with Mother Earth.

The circle symbolizes unity and harmony, representing the connection between all living beings. As a geometric shape with no beginning or end, the circle represents inclusiveness, equality and the strength of community, where each individual is important and contributes to the whole.

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